Nissan Kicks Gets Muscle: 2025 Model Unveiled with Powerful 2.0L Engine

all New 2025 Nissan kick with Powerful 2.0L Engine


The US market Nissan has presented the Next Generation Nissan Kicks 2025 model small-size SUV.

It has grown in all Dimensions being launched longer wider and taller it offers more space in the first and second rows the Caro space has also increased with the NEW Model Unveiled with a Powerful 2.0L Engine.

Nissan Kicks Gets Muscle: 2025 Model Unveiled with Powerful 2.0L Engine

Nissan Kicks Engine

Most importantly Nissan Kicks offers all-wheel drive along with an updated four-cylinder engine with impressive new technology.

Top speech Sr grade the 2025 kicks now offers over 8 in of ground clearance and pairs that with their new intelligent o-drive system and an upgraded 4-cylinder engine making over 140 horsepower.

Sleeker Design

The 2025 Nissan kicks we have an all-new redesigned front face and a more boxy more SUV style look.

This new LED headlight setup here and this little cool LED animation here are exclusive to the SR model as well as different options you can have for a two-tone exterior roof color here with this kind of gray paint finis.

Nissan Kicks Gets Muscle: 2025 Model Unveiled with Powerful 2.0L Engine

New integrated black LED style tail light design we have a combination of rear um taillights back here with some LEDs as

Big the trunk space is opening our new trunk in the kicks it may be a power operating but is an absolutely massive space with now classing 30 cubic feet of space with these seats up in allele Drive models I believe you do actually have a little bit more storage back here.

Spacious Interior

Coming into the rear of the kicks we can see this increased vehicle size has really benefited you in terms of a passenger getting inside.

For the kicks we have a lot more knee room available to you we also have more shoulder room in the rear as well.

How nice and open this interior is with incredibly huge dual Paine panoramic sun earth that actually opens which is I think a really cool almost class-lit exclusive feature here.

Nissan Kicks Gets Muscle: 2025 Model Unveiled with Powerful 2.0L Engine

Materials on the door panels as well we kind of have this um faux carbon fiber stitching and material here with this dual-tone stitching with red and like the silver material really nice touches here we also have one touchdown for your windows.

Also getting two USBC ports back here for all of your charging tree needs and in the center console here that will fold down we have these two nice cup holders.

The new design for these seats here really interesting kind of checkered style pattern on the center of the seating here with this red and black cloth material.

Tech Upgrade

we have our Bose speakers now integrated into both the front driver and passenger headrest which is a nice touch going to improve the sound experience in the Kicks.

big upgrade on this interior for the kicks it almost feels something way above its class I’d love the new flat bottom style interior.

which is going to give you a lot of viewing capability, especially with this nice 12-in-display now standard you are going to get a 7in display on the lower-end trims of the kick.

few different interior controls here from our prop pellot assist which this does have which is a pretty impressive feature on this Sr trim we can see our Serus XM tire pressure Drive computer as well as a home screen you do have additional toggle views.

Nissan Kicks we also have automatic headlights as well as automatic wipers which is a nice touch

new infotainment system that you get on the kicks

These new kinds of capacitive touch buttons for our climate control systems blended into this lower panel here thankfully we do have some um audio feedback as to what’s going on with these touch buttons and they’re pretty um decently separated from each other so they’re not too hard to kind of mess up with that situation.

wireless charging M that is available we also have USB C ports two of them up front for you right here a nice electronic parking brake.

kind of dim and lighten the screen we also have a 360° View Cameras we can see on this kicks a really fantastic touch here can see a nice view around the entire exterior of the kick and we can change our camera views to see our um wheels up close we also have.

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