Samsung Galaxy A35 vs. Competitors: Can it Stand Out?


Here we have a new Samsung a series mid-range phone the Galaxy A35 Samsung’s lower-tier mid-rangers get more and more features every year so what does the A35 bring to the table?

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G: Powerful Processor, Super AMOLED Display

Samsung Galaxy A35 vs. Competitors: Can it Stand Out?

Design and build

Samsung’s a30 series is back with the Galaxy A35 while nothing too crazy it does bring some changes over last year’s Galaxy a34.

This year you get a new chipset and Main camera Wi-Fi 6 connectivity plus a glass back panel and tougher glass on the display.

The Samsung A35 looks the same as many of the recent Galaxy A phones with the flatbed and separate camera Rings I mentioned the back is made of glass not plastic you still get a plastic frame and a new design element is that the frame protrudes a bit where the power and volume key is overall the phone feels solid and well built and you get IP67 rated ingress protection against water and dust just like on the a34.

Screen specs and features

The screen is a 6.6 in OLED with a 1080p resolution and a 120 HZ refresh rate but the gorilla glass Vicus 2 protection is something new.

The display looks good overall with plenty of sharpness and contrast there is no official HDR video support here though.

one upgrade we did notice was that the smooth 120 HZ refresh rate is adaptive this time around able to dial down to 60 HZ when the screen is idling to save energy.

Stereo speakers test

The Samsung Galaxy A35 has a pair of stereo speakers that have good loudness and the sound is great with Rich vocals solid highs and some base.

Under-display fingerprint reader

Samsung Galaxy A35 vs. Competitors: Can it Stand Out?

You can wake up and unlock the phone with an under-display fingerprint reader it’s quite responsive.


The Samsung A35 comes with 1128 or 256GB of storage on board and that is expandable through MicroSD.

Android 14

The interface of the phone is Samsung’s latest 1ui 6.1 on top of Android 14 it brings some optimizations over.

Samsung Galaxy A35 vs. Competitors: Can it Stand Out?

The previous software version but on this mid-range device you don’t have the new Galaxy Ai features that are limited to the flagships for now also unlike the flagships you don’t get 7 years of software support here but four years of major OS updates and 5 years of security patches.

Performance and Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy A35 packs an Exos 1380 5G chipset it’s the same chipset we saw in last year’s higher-tier Galaxy a54 and is a clear upgrade over the density 1080 in.

The Galaxy A34 in benchmarks the A35 isn’t a standout performer the performance is about the middle of the road these days but for the price range, it’s still rather competitive in your day-to-day use.

The Samsung Galaxy A35 has a 5,000 mAh battery and the battery life is good with the phone earning an active use score of 12 hours and 26 minutes it did great Across The Call video and even gaming tests but the web browsing time is somewhat Average.

There’s support for 25 W fast charging here and the charger doesn’t come in the box with a proper adapter we were able to charge from 0 to 52% in half an hour and a full charge took 86 minutes

Camera System

The main cam is competent when handling people and faces textures and skin tones both look very natural while there’s no telephoto cam here the main Cam’s two-times digital Zoom is decent these photos are a bit softer than their time’s counterparts but other than that they have pretty much the same characteristics and low light the Samsung A35 uses an automatic night mode which does.

A pretty great job and triggers quite consistently on its own in these photos the detail is there and you get a pretty wide dynamic range and the colors look nice and the saturated 4K video from the main camera is quite good, especially for the class there’s enough detail and while the colors are a bit too saturated for our taste they still look good dynamic range and contrast are both great.

There’s also electronic stabilization enabled by default and it does an outstanding job at smoothing things out the main camera captures okay videos and low light there is a good amount of detail-saturated colors and pretty low noise but light sources are badly blown out now the ultra-wide cam its performance is decent for the class.

There’s enough detail and good contrast and dynamic range also the colors match the main cams well low light shots from the ultra-wide camera are very soft and noisy the dynamic range is decent with relatively well-controlled light sources for this sort of camera 1080p footage from the ultrawide isn’t appealing it’s very heavily sharpened and process looking the 5 MP macro cam takes usable close-ups with okay detail Considering.

The resolution there’s a 13 MP front-facing camera for selfies and 4K selfie videos selfies look great there is no autofocus but faces come out sharp and detailed and skin tones are nice and natural.

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There you have it the Samsung Galaxy A35 we welcome the new glass build the Adaptive screen refresh rate better speakers and the upgraded chipset the photo and video quality are solid and overall there’s not much to complain about here in the end you get something quite similar to last year’s a54 but in the a30 series and as a well-rounded mid-ranger the Galaxy A35is worth recommending.

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