MWC 24: Motorola’s Shape-Shifting Phone Wraps Around Your Wrist!

Motorola, 2024 Mobile World Congress introduces an exciting concept phone in Barcelona.


This concept offers a form that can be wrapped around your wrist by taking foldable screen technology one step further.


  • Promotion Date: February 27, 2024
  • Promotion Place: Mobile World Congress
  • Screen Size: 6.9 Inch
  • Screen Type: Flexible OLED
  • Features: Design that can be wrapped in the wrist, special software, creating wallpaper according to the garment
  • Date of Release: Unclear

Motorola screen Information

The device has a 6.9-inch flexible OLED display. The screen sits comfortably on your wrist, folding in the opposite direction. So you can both use your phone like a normal phone and carry it compactly by attaching it to your wrist.

MWC 24: Motorola's Shape-Shifting Phone Wraps Around Your Wrist!

Motorola Design

Motorola specifically designed the software in this concept. When the screen is wrapped in your wrist, the interface changes automatically and turns into a clock view. Part of the screen shows notifications, time, and other important information, while the rest is not used.

In Wristband mode, you can use the touch screen or voice commands to control your phone. The device also has some interesting features, such as artificial intelligence, which can automatically create wallpaper based on your garment color.

MWC 24: Motorola's Shape-Shifting Phone Wraps Around Your Wrist!

Motorola did not provide information on when this concept phone will be released. However, if we consider the company’s goal of becoming a leading player in the foldable phone market, it is quite possible that a similar device will appear in the near future.

This concept of the phone offers an exciting insight into the future of mobile technology. Foldable screens and wearable devices can combine to create more convenient and compact devices. This concept of Motorola can be described as an indicator of developments in this area.

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