Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored to Have 2TB Storage: Is It Worth It?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Could Have Up to 2TB of Storage: Is It Too Much?


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to have up to 2TB of internal storage, which is more than twice the current 1TB limit on most smartphones. This would be a significant increase in storage capacity, and it could be a major selling point for the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored to Have 2TB Storage: Is It Worth It?

However, it’s important to consider whether or not 2TB of storage is too much for most people. In this article, we’ll take a look at who needs 2TB of storage and whether or not it’s worth the extra cost.

What is 2TB of Storage?

2TB is equal to 2,000 gigabytes. This is a lot of storage, and it is more than most people need. However, some people, such as photographers and videographers, could benefit from having this much storage.

s24 ultra camera

Samsung’s s24 Ultra goes on sale you’re probably going to hear the phrase quad telephoto being mentioned

This might immediately make you think that  Samsung added a 4 telephoto module but that’s not really the case here you see we still only have two telephoto modules a 3X and a brand new 5x 

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored to Have 2TB Storage: Is It Worth It?

But we now get two sensor crop options a 2X and a new 10x which is also aided by AI

Samsung claims that they both provide an optical level of quality which is why they’re calling it a quad telephoto System

in fact Samsung is so confident about this that they’ve even kept the 10x Zoom option on the main camera screen despite this not being Optical anymore.

also one of the upsides of now having a 5x module as opposed to a 10x is that now we can finally switch between all lenses when recording 4K 60 video. 

just like on a Pixel or an iPhone 15 Pro previously you had to be in 4k 30 to be able to switch between lenses. another camera Improvement that I absolutely love is that now you can record slow motion video in 4k at up to 120 frames per second and if you switch to pro video you can now also record normal video in 4k 120.

speaking of slow motion if you have a video that you didn’t shoot in 120 FPS but R 60 or 30 you can now hold your finger down and the AI will generate the missing frame to instantly give you a fluid 12fps Preview.

 also aided by AI is something called super-resolution essentially you can upscale a photo after you have taken it.

definitely more than just image sharpening should you happen to have some old family photos.

 and of video there’s also a new gyro that enhances stabilization and combined with the new wider Optical image stabilizer on the 5x module we now get a much more stable video and also better lowl light video on all modules.

that this new 5x module also captures 160% more light I do think that we should see a considerable Improvement Here.

AI features

 AI tone suggestions so essentially when you’re composing a message or an email to someone Galaxy AI will give you the option to rewrite it in a more professional or a more fun way.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Rumored to Have 2TB Storage: Is It Worth It?

 If you use Samsung Notes, especially with the Spen you can now get an instant text summary of your written text and even get a summary of it with Galaxy Ai.

If you’re a bit worried that images that you create or modify using Galaxy AI will be impossible to distinguish from the real ones that you’ve taken.

Samsung has thought of this too and they will be adding an AI Watermark to any image that has been touched by Galaxy AI in any shape or form 

I for one am definitely looking forward to them however there was this leak that Galaxy AI will only be free for the first year and now this has also been confirmed by Samsung’s own website which states that Galaxy AI will only be provided for free until at at least 2025.

Galaxy AI becoming paid but if it does become paid it would likely only apply to the parts of it that are cloud-based and where Samsung is using third parties.

for example, when Galaxy AI summarizes a web page it uses Google’s own Gemini Nano large language model if Google decides to charge Samsung in the future or if their partnership comes to an end then Galaxy might indeed become paid for those cloud-based features.

all of these AI features are available on Aus 2 and what’s really interesting here is that Samsung is now using a made-for-Galaxy branding for their xos chips 2o just like they’re doing for the Snapdragon Agent 3.

S24 Ultra Snapdragon Chips

 Samsung does manufacture the Xos chips themselves

but apparently, the reason why they’ll have a made-for-Galaxy branding is that the XS 2400 inside the s24 and S24 Plus is more optimized than tweaked for these phones.

whereas other manufacturers or even lower-end Samsung phones that do decide to also use the XS 2400 chip won’t benefit from those extra optimizations.

one of those extra optimizations is when it comes to efficiency the xus versions of the s24 and the s24 plus I was told will last longer than the s23 and the s23 plus and that’s not just because of the larger batteries which yes are also getting larger 

The Only Exception is the s24 ultra which is staying the same at 5,000 now. 

something that is not staying the same is the RAM unlike the rumors that were claiming 8 gigs of RAM on the base Ultra model like we’ve had with the s23 and the s22 ultra

 that is actually not the case here all s24 Ultra models will come standard with 12 gigs of RAM and what’s even more surprising is that even the s24 Plus now comes with 12 gigs by default as well.

only the standard s24 will come with eight with no option for 12 at all another Improvement this year is when it comes to Ray tracing.

 we of course got Ray tracing on a Samsung phone for the first time with the S22 Ultra the XOS 2200 version specifically which was in partnership with AMD.

 then the S23 Ultra had it too thanks to the Snapdragon Agent 2 and now the Agent 3 has it as well but this year we get 57% better performance.

and with more and more games supporting rate tracing uh this will now play a bigger difference also thanks to Agent 3 you’ll be able to upscale your gains using Snapd Dragon game super resolution in as high as 8K  now of course your s 4 ultra doesn’t even have a 4K screen let alone an 8K.

but all this means is that when you connect your phone to a projector or a high-resolution external display you’ll be able to run those games at your monitor’s native resolution using the Snapdragon equivalent of the LSS

and to help manage all of this heat a brand new Vapor chamber that is now 1.9 times larger than the one on the s23 ultra it also uses a graphite sheet to sustain its performance both outdoors and also during long gaming sessions.

supports super HDR for photo previews so essentially whenever you’re previewing a photo in the native Gallery app or any supported third-party app as well like Instagram the display will activate its HDR mode and display that photo at a stunning level of brightness.

Wi-Fi also gets a big upgrade this year with Wi-Fi 7 from Wi-Fi 6E on the s23 ultra which supports theoretical speeds of up to 46 GB per second as opposed to 9.6.

now I doubt that anyone even has an internet connection that’s this fast so this is more of a future-proofing thing although I also doubt that internet providers will be offering speeds like that in even the next 10 years.

also if you have a Samsung tablet as well now you’ll be able to use a mouse and a keyboard to control both the tablet and your s24 phone kind of like Apple already offers with the Mac and the iPad only that Samsung’s version will also work on a phone. 

also with the s24 line although I do think that this will come to older models too we get an updated version of Android Auto one that integrates a number of AI features.

 Now it will automatically give you a summary of your messages as well as suggest replies and actions like sending someone your ETA however all of these have actually been announced by Google Directly.

 just now so this isn’t necessarily exclusive to s24 line but rather it is coming to Android Auto in general


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to have up to 2TB of storage, which is a lot of storage for most people. However, there are some people who could benefit from having this much storage, such as photographers and videographers. Ultimately, whether or not 2TB of storage is too much for you depends on your individual needs and usage habits.

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